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How will you ensure that my driveway will not sink?

Our first impressions are guaranteed to last. The existing ground is removed to allow for the installation of a firm foundation. The edge restraint is laid on a concrete foundation with concrete haunching around the perimeter - this will ensure that our entire installation is fully restrained, from the sub-base upwards. A Geotextile Membrane is laid, to prevent fine particle migration.

The sub base is now installed, in two stages. MOT type 1 material, which is used in road construction, is laid and compacted to a depth of 75mm. This is repeated to create a firm, level surface. A sharp sand ‘laying course' is screeded to a level depth of 50mm, prepared until it is almost as smooth as a billiard table. Once all the invisible groundwork's are completed we begin laying the block paving. All of the above steps ensure that your Upl Midlands driveway is built to last.